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5(Five) Basic Advantages of Solar Power:

    ► Fully independent, load-shedding free power system.

    ► There is no monthly bill, kerosene or any other fuel consumption.

    ► Environmental pollution free and secure electricity.

    ► 20 years can be used safely and can be transferred to the need.

    ► Solar power is owned by a lower cost than kerosene.




Terms of Use of Solar Power System:

    ► Your solar power system will not be able to use additional loads of up to four hours per day.

    ► Your solar power system cannot be used in the lamp, television, cassette player, mobile charger, and anything else.

    ► If there is a cloudy weather or fog in the winter / monsoon season then it is best to use limited. If the charge decreases, the

        load will be reduced to a high charge, otherwise if the battery is not charged for a long time, then the battery will be able to

        slow down.

    ► Keep the switch out of the reach of the children. Be cautious about repeatedly turning off.

    ► The bed switch cannot be used on solar power systems.

    ► Take care of the panels, batteries, and charge controller rules.



Solar Panel Maintenance:

    ► The distance between the panel and the charge controller is between 20-25 feet.

    ► The solar panel should be placed in the south-facing and placed 23 degrees with a rear to the ground.

    ► The difference between the charge controller and the battery is less than 4-5 feet.

    ► To get the right voltage from the solar panel, after 10-15 days, clean the surface of the panel with wet cloth.

    ► If there is a prediction of a large cyclone or tornado, the solar panel should be opened.

    ► The solar panels will have to be careful not to shade trees or anything else.

    ► There should not be any shade on the solar panel.

    ► There should not be any shade on the solar panel. It is better to place solar in the sun during the most part of the day

         where the sun exists.



Battery maintenance:

    ► Keep the batteries in place dry and clean, no metal material can be placed beside the battery.

    ► Battery needs to be clean regular basis.

    ► Battery plastic cover should be cleaned by clothes and water. But if the positive / negative terminal is covered by the grid

        then there is no need to clean it. You should see whether the junction is firm, or else contact the office.

    ► Explosive products cannot be placed beside the battery.

    ► Battery cannot be covered with polythene or anything else.

    ► If no load from the battery terminal can be used, then the battery warranty will not be given.

    ► Occasionally, the hydrometer should measure the gravity of acid water in each cell of the cell. The gravity of the water

        liquidation is 1.17 and the whole system will be charged for 3 days without using any load.

    ► If the water is reduced, then it will be re-hydrated.



Solar Home System's Warranty:


Solar Panel

: 20 Years

Battery (30 AH -130 AH)

: 5 Years

Battery 20 AH

: 3 Years

Charge Controller

: 3 Years

LED Tube Light

: 3 Years



Warranty applicable subject to the following conditions:

    ► Solar system can be used for 4 hours a day, 4 hours less on cloudy days or winter days.

    ► If you want to change the system place or face any other complications please contact immediate to officials. Otherwise

        the system's warranty will not be given.

    ► Office will not provide the warranty if the system is damaged by theft or any natural disaster.

    ► If you use more load which is said by office, the warranty will not be given.

    ► The warranty will be effective from the date of installation of the system.



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