Projects & Programs



Increasing access to Solar Electrification for Rural Application in Bangladesh


Project Period             : June 2007 to July 2008

Project Value              :  BDT 20 Million

Sources of Fund           : Senter Novem, USA

Nature of work            : Installation of 0.2 Million Solar Home Systems


Low Cost Housing and Adaption to Climate Change


Project Period             : July 2008 to March 2012

Project Value              : BDT 5.2 Million

Sources of Fund         : Flora Foundation, USA

Nature of work            : 0.1 Million concreate poles for costal belt area, Char Montaj,

                                    Galachipa, Patuakhali, Bangladesh.


Solar Water Pumping for Agricultural Communities in the Chittagong Region of Bangladesh


Project Period             : July 2009 to March 2012

Project Value              : BDT. 1.9 Million

Sources of Fund           : South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration

          (SARI/EI) - US Aid, INDIA

Nature of work            : Solar water pump for irrigation (Day) and lighting hospital (Night)






First 100 kW Solar Mini Grid at Sandwip, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Project Period             : July 2008 to September 2010

Project Value              :  BDT 3 Million

Sources of Fund           : psl/Idcol

Nature of work            : Technical Support (Lead consultant PSL)



Solar Powered Computer for education at Galachipa, Patuakhali, Bangladesh


Project Period             : January 2005 to December 2005

Project Value              : BDT. 1.8 Million

Sources of Fund           : Local Fund (REDI) Own fund.

Nature of work            : Installation of 15 nos Solar powered computer at remote areas. 


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